Monday, December 14, 2009

Gifts of Christmas Past

It's been quiet around the blog these days but don't be fooled - there's been no lack of arts and crafts! Since most of my recent projects are destined to be Christmas presents, and I'd like to keep them secret, I'll post them to the blog once they are in the hands of their new owners.

Which brings me to today's post! My future mother in law (and #1 fan to the blog!) has kindly sent me photos of an apron that I made for her last Christmas. The materials for the apron cost literally a couple of euros, but the crazy characters behind the embroidery are priceless! Living in the southwest of France with Nanette and Douglas are Alfred the dog and Sydney the cat. Alfred is a Labrador, born and raised in France and so he is 100% French: stubborn, undisciplined, a complete hedonist... and takes his commands in French (whether he obeys is a completely different story!). Sidney, on the other hand, immigrated with Nanette & Douglas to France for retirement from the UK and so he is exactly that: Retired! The thing is that Sid suffered an accident in the UK which left him with 3 legs (so I guess technically he is on Disability AND Retirement!). Since Sidney is the first and only cat that Alfred has ever met, he must think that 4 legged cats are mighty strange...

For this apron, I made sure to embroidery Sid in all of his 3 legged glory and Alfred as he is - unruly. The pale tartan bias binding around the edges of the apron is a little wink to Nanette's bonny bonny Scottish origins. Here are some shots: Close, Closer, Closest...

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  1. Of all of the aprons in all of the world .... this one is truly treasured!! xxx