Sunday, November 29, 2009

My first pillows...but not really!

I've been making pillows since before I can remember. When I was a little girl, I would make little hand-sewn pillows with scraps of fabric and a threaded needle and then stuff them with cotton balls from the medical cabinet...they were so lumpy and unattractive!

Since those days, my love affair with pillows has grown and grown and so I decided to have my own labels made just for my pillow endeavors. I want to share the fist pair of pillows I made for the house using my new labels. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Welcome Baby Chloe!

I had so much fun making this bunting for Chris & Julie's brand new baby daughter, that I just want to share the joy with the the whole world!

Bunting is somewhat of a British phenomenon, they decorate with bunting for various festive occasions and as the future wife of a bona-fide Brit, I must admit to have fallen under the spell of all things "twee"...

I made the buntings from fabric of my finance's old, worn out, used up, tattered and torn work shirts. I'm happy that they are able to live on in the homes of other and make new stories of their own!

Since making this baby bunting for the the beautiful little Chloe, I've decided to hone my skills and so I am now taking orders for personalized baby bunting on etsy:

Please note that each order is handmade and to allow me enough time to get it together, make the bunting and dispatch from France. Bunting for little boys in blue is also available and I'd be happy to talk about other fabric options for a custom job!

Here are a few more photos: