Thursday, December 3, 2009

Embroidery Class

Embroidery is addictive. As soon as I threaded that first needle with that glossy DMC cotton thread I was hooked! My French Grandfather used to do needle point, we have piles and piles of his tableaux at the house in America. Inspired by him, I think I did my first needle - pointing when I was a little girl, although I have no recollection of completing a single project! My mother would be able to validate that for certain. I started really embroidering in France. My mother's sister does cross stitch for her home, her children, her grandchildren. At my Aunt's house in the North of France one lazy summer afternoon in my early twenties, I picked up that needle to try my hand at counted cross stitch... and haven't put it down since! Several years later and itching to stitch "outside the box" I submitted an application for a hand embroidery night class here in Paris and to my extreme delight was accepted, so back to school I go! My class is every Wednesday evening for three hours of pure needle craft bliss. I want to share the new stitches that I've learned in my first semester (It's hand embroidery people, so yes it has taken me an entire semester to make this measly little swatch!)


  1. This embroidery is wonderful .... what detail! I've been able to take your photo onto i-photo and look at it more closely. I'm wondering if each stitch has a name. My mother used to embroider, but it was a different kind, I think ... it was kind of filling in a space.

  2. Hi - I'm looking for an embroidery class in Paris...are you still doing yours and if so can you let me know where? Thanks!