Saturday, December 19, 2009


I've just come home from a Christmas Party where I had the gift of spending time with bunches of good friends, old friends, new friends, FRIENDS! I am so grateful to all of you for the special place you have in my life. Over the course of the evening (and the last few months actually) I've noticed that something that these very different friends all have in common is that they ask the same 2 questions:
1) When are you getting married?
2) Are you making your dress?

So here are my replies these Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Yes we've had a very long engagement. The friends I see punctually think that I've gotten married each time that we run into each other! Not yet. The wedding will be next summer 2010. The truth is that we are having so much fun being engaged that we decided to drag it out for as long as possible! We're in our in our 15th month of engagement and loving every minute of it! We have a anniversary for everything: Our first date, Our first kiss, Our move-in date, The date we met each others parents, the date he popped the questions, the date I got my ring, the date we got a joint bank account, the date my mother threw a "High Tea" engagement party in honor of Iain's Britishness... we are always celebrating! It's great! I'm actually afraid that once we are married, I'll go into celebration withdrawl with that one and only date that matters above all the rest!

2)Yes I'm making my dress, I wouldn't do it any other way! Actually I couldn't do it any other way. I'm such a perfectionist and so in love with vintage treasures and the sentimental value of recuperated materials that I wouldn't be able to buy any dress brand new and to pay someone else make a dress for me would seem like such a shame since that's my life's passion! Also, in the line of work that I'm in (frilly dress designer), I've gotten so used to only wearing my clothes. The thought of wearing someone else's dress on a typical Wednsday seems strange, not to mention for a special occasion... if you get what I mean.

3) And now for the answer to third question of why this post is making it into my arts and crafts blog... Because I'm going to tease you all with photos of the W-Frock making process! Yes I know that you are all very excited, but you'll have to understand that I work a full time job and have a thousand other side projects going all at the same time, so the W-frock hasn't really progressed as much as it could have, and there is that tradition about keeping it a secret of course, but here's a little glimpse none the less! You'll have to imagine what it looks like from the patterns though because that's as good as it's going to get on the world wide web.

Laying the corrected pattern drafts onto clean pattern paper

Final patterns traced and step cutting the fabric!

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