Thursday, January 7, 2010


What would Jim, Dick, Jerry, Peggy & Buford do?!?!

So it's finally time to post of those Christmas gifts that I've been keeping secret. Jim, Dick, Jerry, Ms Peggy and even Buford the dog are dear dear friends of ours and have graciously agreed to let us take over their home for our wedding weekend extravaganza this summer. While we were in the states this holiday season, we went up to visit them for some "Christmas Puddings" as my beau would say. (In British English, "Pudding" just means "Dessert" - strange but true!) Jerry is an amazing chef and treated us to a lovely lunch with multiple pudding courses and more importantly, will be treating us by making our most important pudding of all - the wedding pudding (of the cake variety)!

I've been having such a hoot making these little cross stitch things recently and I think that they look especially good grouped together. So I took the upcoming trip to J,D,J,P&B's to make a whole set of them. These are really mini (around 4 inches in diameter) for the intention of displaying them all together, either for a seasonal decoration or in some sort of casual kind of way. They would make really cute ornaments for a tree or window or chimney in my opinion... here are some photos

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  1. Is Buford wearing this round his neck? He'd be gorgeous in it! xxx