Thursday, January 7, 2010


I had such a hoot wrapping my Christmas presents this season with the idea in mind to BUY NOTHING! Here are some photos of this years presents which I wrapped using all found, recycled or handmade materials. If we all just save a little bit more, reuse a little bit or are just a little bit crafty, our combined efforts could reduce consumption and waste dramatically.

When Beau bought me flowers, I saved the kraft paper they came wrapped in. A little bit of leftover lace and the home made charm is out of control.

I scanned my clock collection and with a little bit of photoshop, reduced it to black & white and then added some color back into the faces. Leftover string does the trick with the paper for that 'recup' look. The gift tags are from old key tags that I've had for a while. You can get them in packs of 100 at office supply stores in the aisle with price tags etc.

The simplicity of leftover satin grosgrain ribbon and alphabet stamps can't be beat. I think Alphabet stamps were the best crafts investment I've ever made.

I stamped the name on the balsa wood trinket box and then wrapped it in tracing paper so it showed through. A little piece of sparkly string makes it look complete.

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