Saturday, January 30, 2010

Special Secret Project Revealed!

I have spent the past year and a half working on a special project for a special someone in special kind of secrecy...

Timmy appointed himself as my Godfather before I can remember and has always been a big part of my life. A few years ago, he went back to the seminary to study theology and this January was ordained into the priesthood. Timmy going back to school was perfectly timed with the peak of my cross stitch obsession, and so of course I got thinking about what I could contribute in celebrating this monumental occasion by contributing what I know how to do best - crafting! This is the largest undertaking of cross stitch I've ever embarked on and I would dare say the biggest arts & crafts project that I've ever undertook. I've worked on this project all over the world - France, Germany, England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, India, America and in various international transit zones as well!

It took me around 270 hours total in a little over one year. While I was making it, I couldn't help but think of Timmy of course, his devotion, my own devotion and how much our relationship means to me. It was a lovely 270 hours indeed! I gave it to him (at last!) in January when I was home and more than just giving him this stole, It felt like I gave him all those hours that I spent giving thanks for our relationship and wishing him and his family those many many blessings (270 hours worth of blessings to be exact!) Busy hands make for a quiet mind and I benefited enormously from working on this myself.

The pattern is an antique French motif traditionally embroidered in 2 colors, but I thought that by using 3 colors the cross and the star stand out better, and as this is a liturgical vestment, it's exactly what I was going for. Although Beau and I are truley blessed that he will be officiating our wedding ceremony this summer, I didn't want this gift to be confused with a wedding gift, so I made it in browny neutral tones and not the traditional white that you see for wedding ceremony vestments. It is my hope that it gets alot of wear and use and love!

I want to thank PeaceBang for posting my queries during the initial phase of this project on her on her blog: The comments from the clergy who replied to the post were incredibly helpful and it would have not been possible for be to have gotten started without the "inside scoop". I also want to thank my Blog Fan Clun President for these amazing shots!


  1. This is truly beautiful ...... and it so reflects the love and the time that you put into it. What an amazing gift to receive!

  2. Hey nat!,
    Wow!, your a saint. this is great.
    great blog too. It took me a minute to realize it was you. the blogisphere can be so random. I hope all is well and it seams that it is.