Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Garland Galore

Beau took me to Budapest for a Valentines-Over-Nighter. It was tres romantique and very fun, despite my brush with a suspiciously FOUL Fish Stew, served "Gypsy Style" whatever that means... Other than that repulsive dish (which I promptly sent back to the Kitchen!), and the COLD (imagine Hungry in February - yes that's exactly what it was like - Blustering!) the most memorable event was giving Beau his Valentine's gift after having been working on it in secret for a little while.

I made this miniature paper garland from images I found on the internet, cropped and converted them to black and white, printed them off on Cardstock, cut around each one with pinking shears, and then ran them through the sewing machine. Each letter is a different photo of a letter from somewhere out there. For example, the "a" in Beau's name is from that famous sign reading"Welcome to Las Vegas" - can you guess where the others are from?

Happy Valentines to all of you!


  1. I guess the N is from "IN -N-OUT BURGERS"!!
    Fish stew! Yum! Yum!!! xxx

  2. And I guess the A is from Philicheesesteak!!!!!! xxx

  3. And, as well as my other guesses, I'm now going to guess that the I is from Five Guys Burgers!!!!! xxx

  4. And finally (maybe!) I guess that the N is from Nutters Ice Cream! xxx