Monday, October 25, 2010

Nan's Pillow

Second up in the series of crafts made from Nan's Wedding dress is this pillow. I made the pillow from the satin fabric used on the over jacket part and the lace comes from the under dress part. I cut out the lace motifs and stitched them by hand on the front side of the pillow before sewing it up on the machine.

Because of it's age (no offense nan!) the lace is quite fragile, but when stitched onto the satin it does provide quite a bit more stability. When I gave this pillow to Nan I told her that it's in good enough shape to leave on on the armchair in her parlor, but knowing Nan, it's probably wrapped up carefully in a closet somewhere... But I can't say anything about that since it's the good care that she takes of her things that makes it possible to use her wedding dress over fifty years later!

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