Wednesday, October 27, 2010

La Piece de Resistance!

I'll get right into it with this post, but you'll have to excuse the mess in the house in the background of the photos!

Here's a funky little jacket adapted from the satin overcoat coat/train part of Nan's wedding dress. I shortened the sleeves to a 3/4 length and added a cuff slit, let out the back darts (how tiny was Nan?!?!?!), hand appliqued lace from her dress onto the back panel, cut off the train and with the new hemline, formed a sort of bustle at the back complete with a rosette made from lace of her veil.

This jacket is now wrapped up in a closet in the States, waiting for someone to take out for a spin! Nan?!?!? Stay tuned to the blog for the final post featuring crafts made from Nan's wedding dress including a photo of Nan herself wearing a creation crafted from her dress!


  1. Incredible! Very 21st century sassy meets Les Liaisons Dangereuses... I expect to see it in the neighborhood soon!

  2. Also, how is it even possible that they did ANYTHING over 50 years ago?

  3. This all sounds quite simple and easy ...... NOT!!!!!

    What wonderful results from such a special gift! Nan must be so pleased to see the results of her generosity! xxx