Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shawn our Sock Monkey

I seem to have temporarily fallen off of the surface of the blogosphere as I've been busy getting sick this winter, punctuated by a wonderful Christmas break from it all in between! I want to take a pause from the wedding dress posts and talk about the holidays a little bit.

My favorite Christmas present this year was a sock monkey kit given to me by Beau's brother's English Rose. The kit contained a pair of socks, thread & two buttons and took about 30 minutes to make. It's amazing how a pile of ordinary objects can transform into something with so much character! Beau named the sock monkey Shawn and he's got a place of honor on the shelf now at home (Shawn, that is - it's not Beau on the the shelf!)

Here are a few photos taken by Beau's brother during the holidays. He and his English Rose are real whiz kids with a camera! (And if you are wondering, those "Fame" and "Wags" workout DVDs that appear in the photos were indeed Christmas presents from my very own, Beau!)


  1. What a great monkey! It's fun to see how he takes on a personality as he is transformed from socks & stuffing to a new friend for Sidney (and a less aggressive one than the fouine he got in a fight with before Christmas, bless his three paws).

  2. I adore the sock monkey! He's the best! And Shawn's such a great name for him ........ can't imagine him being a Nigel or a Jeremy! Hope the workouts are going well! xxx