Monday, November 22, 2010

Le Frock

Let us commence the posting on my most favorite crafts project to date: my wedding dress.

I was racking my brain trying to think about how to do this, since there are so many little sentimental details on this dress and so many beautiful photos taken by the insanely talented Jocelyn of studio mathewes.

Each little thing merits a post all of their own, so what I'll do today is post the overall look of the dress and then get into some of the details over the next few posts and finish the blog series with a post of me in the frock itself.

So here for your viewing pleasure are some drop dress gorgeous shots of the dress empty all on it's own courtesy of studio mathewes. If you are planning a wedding, need some portraits, want to take some shots for the holidays, you will not regret giving Jocelyn a call!


  1. This dress is a divine creation! Thoroughly beautiful!

  2. Wonderful memories of the best day of my life!